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To put it quite simply, the problems with the world today that is clearly the solution to are so blatantly obvious that if you haven't done your homework and bought some bitcoin, I don’t have the time to try to convince you, sorry.

Hey, @martybent, I strongly suggest you listen to our discussion with @DavidBCollum, @Erikcason, & @evoskuil ....and follow up on some of the critical points we could be facing in the (near) future.

@MichaelPSenger: CCP-engineered lockdown
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Enjoy this fantastic deep down the rabbit hole episode with Dave Collum, Erik Cason, & Eric Voskuil.
@DavidBCollum, @Erikcason, @evoskuil

-#Bitcoin vs. Nation-States & Cent…

As time goes on and more corporations and wealthy individuals buy it becomes less likely that government will attempt to outright ban or place overly burdensome tax requirements on Bitcoin. Corporations and the donor class run this country. Politicians need to get reelected so they can't mess with their corporate and private overlords.

That being said, we need to remain cautious. Buy KYC-free and hold your own keys.

If your looking for actual bitcoiners who aren't just cross posting from bird site give these folks a follow.
These are some of my favorite follows. (no particular order)

Have I missed any please let me know.


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Just did my first ever replace-by-fee transaction in Electrum. Just feeling like if my 20 sat/b transaction hadn't confirmed yet this weekend it wasn't going to happen.

I ended up bumping to 41 sat/b and the transaction cleared, USD price of about $7.

Kind of my last major concern about Bitcoin's long term success was would fees get high enough to incentivize the miners when the subsidy goes away. It seems we might be seeing the fee market develop now. Will the mempool ever empty again?

Good luck with banning Bitcoin. See how that's going in Nigeria and India. It's just like prohibition and the drug war in the US. When you have a product that people want/need regulation won't stop it.

With shitcoins the quality of marketing determines the dollar value and ETH has the most effective marketing. There are no shitcoins that actually solve any problems (it is debatable whether Monero is a shitcoin or not).

I'm not going to claim that Tether is fully backed, no one except Tether knows the truth. However the insinuation of Tether truthers that 32 billion of Tether is holding up and its 1T value when we know corporations are buying billions worth is laughable.

Lots of cope

It is time. My computer is older than because I've been stacking but I need to build a new one.

I haven't paid much attention to the Linux hardware landscape lately but as I understand it the open source AMD GPU drivers are the way to go for a Linux only system that I'll use for light gaming and Bitcoin stuff. For a mid range (see $500 these days) GPU I was thinking I'd target the AMD RX 6700 when they come out.

Anyone have any thoughts in general on a new Linux only build?

Anyone have any experience with these IRA products where you hodl your own keys? Lately I've been feeling less comfortable with the counterparty risk of the $GBTC I hodl in my IRA.

Bitcoin has now flipped Facebook.

That's it, that's the toot.

Want to earn 3.05% by loaning you to Gemini's friends? I think fucking not! Their complete lack of liability in this agreement makes me wonder who in their right mind would lend them their Bitcoin.

A #bitcoin masterclass with Michael Saylor and Ross Stevens!

This is an instant classic, worthy of sharing with anyone and everyone.

Ross Stevens masterfully articulated the value proposition of bitcoin in less than 1 hour.

Thread of the best quotes to follow:

Fyi There may be a nationwide throttling of vpn's happening on the US. UDP port 1194 traffic. For me mullvad is fine. They may be using non standard ports. Reference:

This week's #BlockstreamMarketsWeekly looks at Stone Ridge's $25B 2021 AUM target, Elon pumping price (again), miner revs hitting $1.1B in Jan, PayPal & Visa doubling down on BTC, continued exchange outflows & MSTR adding $10M more BTC to the war chest

Take time to appreciate how boring and reliable bitcoin seems at times by looking at the #1 shitcoin Ethereum. Fees to interact with a complex smart contract are thousands of dollars.

Sometimes i just need to stare at a giant pile of shit like Ethereum to appreciate how beautifully designed and functional bitcoin is.


@BankofAmerica should require a warrant before sharing records of US citizens w/authorities


Your bank account & the money in it, does NOT belong to you. The bank LETS you use it on THEIR terms

You have ZERO right to privacy in your bank account

#Bitcoin #Monero

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