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To put it quite simply, the problems with the world today that is clearly the solution to are so blatantly obvious that if you haven't done your homework and bought some bitcoin, I don’t have the time to try to convince you, sorry.

Reject central planning and control.

Embrace emergent order and freedom.

Hyperinflation episodes are always rather fascinating, but this case in Zaire has an unexpected but somehow delightful twist. Here, in the early 90s, the Zaire govt replaced an old version with a new version at a 1:3M ratio (this is common, happened in Turkey, Brazil, and very many other countries). But what happened next, I haven't heard reported before:

"In other words, even though the government and its central bank ruled that the old zaïre was without value ... " (1/2)


Play with LNURL-Auth to see how it works. ⚡

1.Generate a #Lightning Payment Request for 1 satoshi.
2. In the description/memo must start with lapps

You can perform authorizations, registrations or logins to external services and websites. 👇

#Lightning Decoder.

If you want to understand the individual parts of a Lightning Network and LNURL payment request/invoice.

#Bitcoin :bitcoin:

If you have a #lightning node...

The most important file to back up is the channel.backup file so you will protect your funds in case of node failure. :bitcoin:

The default location on Linux is: 👇


Is your node down? You are showing as offline for the last couple of days.

The only time Brian Armstrong mentioned by name was to take a passive aggressive shot. He is the enemy of Bitcoin. Don't buy $COIN

"Surprised we're seeing the Bitcoin price fall in this environment, would have expected the opposite."

— @brian_armstrong March 9, 2020

I like to use the big mac to measure actual inflation.

The cost of 1 big mac has nearly tripled in 20 years.

You wage has barely moved.

This is theft.

Inflation is a sly tax amongst many others.

#Bitcoin fixes this.

1/ Looking at #Bitcoin Realized Cap HODL Waves, it appears this bull run is really starting to heat up.

However, I think this metric and other onchain metrics may not be useful in determining a "top" this cycle.

The Supreme Court ruling in Oracle v. Google will let developers continue to use their knowledge of APIs to push innovation forward.

Got a hold of a new RX 6700 XT (got scalped) for a new build on Arch Linux. I've traditionally run Nvidia with closed drivers and not had any problems. I intend to run amdgpu open drivers with this build. This has been interesting to say the least.

I had to install the git version of linux-firmware to get the system to boot. Then I had tons of artifacts in Gnome until running the git version of Mesa.

Valve source games are still a mess with artifacts.

Bleeding edge Linux! Really AMD not ready

#Bitcoin held on exchanges has declined by roughly 20% of the past year.

This partly because of the rise of exchange-traded funds, which now control over 800,000 BTC.

Also suggests a move towards cold storage, which is favorable to demand-supply dynamics.

The weekend pump has begun but something tells me this time we won't sell off and return to pre-weekend levels by the time financial markets open on Monday morning.

Every single public and private sector database of PII is a honey pot waiting to be breached and leaked, causing immeasurable nuisance and harm.

All for claims that none of the entities imposing the regulations can measure or prove.
RT @nobsbitcoin
Alleged Paxful bitcoin exchange KYC database posted for sale

- 4.8 Million users and employees compromised
- Names, date of birth, gender, address, phone number, email, passwords


The #Signal messenger has become very problematic lately, and most of its problems come from it being centralised.

You may want to follow and support a decentralised messenger project instead, there are many of them on the Fediverse:

➡️ @snikket_im - New initiative giving XMPP servers & clients a newbie-friendly unified look and feel

➡️ @xmpp - The XMPP standards foundation

➡️ @matrix - Matrix is best known for its Element client

➡️ @delta - Messaging through email

➡️ @briar - P2P messaging

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