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To put it quite simply, the problems with the world today that is clearly the solution to are so blatantly obvious that if you haven't done your homework and bought some bitcoin, I don’t have the time to try to convince you, sorry.

Doge will start tanking shortly after SNL starts.

Let me get this straight, Musk will mention Doge during the episode and then a bunch of people that are watching SNL and hadn't bought Doge before will ape in and push the price to $1? 🤣😂🤣

End-to-end encryption is what makes a digital message truly private, read only by its intended recipient.

#Bitcoin and size of government

"In terms of them being able, just to go buy fighter jets by printing up dollars, they wouldn't be able to do that" - @BobMurphyEcon

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The virtue signaling mining pools have arrived. They don't understand how Bitcoin works, but they will find out the hard way.

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Jack Dorsey on Square's earning call, "We see #bitcoin as the internet’s potential to have a native currency and we want to further that as much as we can."

Earlier today the #Bitcoin mempool cleared the 3-4 sat/vByte band 🥳

However, as soon as that happened and 2-3 sat/vByte transactions were included in blocks again, everyone appears to have FOMO'ed in 😱 now we're back to paying 48-92 sat/vByte transaction fees again 🤣

#Bitcoin is the only asset in the world designed to go up forever.


In response to block #682170, mined by MARA Pool, I'm announcing a project I've been working on. I hope this brings transparency into mining pool transaction selection.

This compares block templates generated by my node to the blocks mined by pools.

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Doge is fun until someone prints an unlimited amount of it & crashes the market to zero.

#Bitcoin is more fun, because no one can do this

If you would like to donate bitcoin in memory of Hal Finney and to advance the search for effective treatments and cures for ALS, please visit

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“Running Bitcoin” is a sculpture celebrating Hal Finney's 65th birthday and his contributions to Bitcoin. It will be up for auction beginning today and 50% of the sale will be donated to ALS Association Golden Golden West Chapter.

By @MarcusConnorNH

US Bank Quietly Emerges as a Crypto Player | The Hash - CoinDesk TV

"Minneapolis-based U.S. Bank, part of U.S. Bancorp, the fifth-largest bank in America, announced it would offer a new cryptocurrency custody product. 'The Hash' panel digs into U.S. Bank taking a big step into the bitcoin business and why it might be worth watching."

#Bitcoin :bitcoin: #Crypto #Custody #Custodian #USBank #USBancorp #Securrency #Minneapolis #Mpls #Minnesota #Institution #Institutional

Bitcoin Miners Brought In $56 Million Per Day In April.

"The Bitcoin mining industry saw its second strongest month ever in April 2021, generating total revenue of $1,702,531,320, or $56,751,044 per day on average."

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Hash rate bouncing back after the most recent -12.6% difficulty adjustment 👀

$ETH at $3300 implies a market cap of $380B. Divide that by 21 million to establish the #BitcoinBaseline and you realize noobs are really paying $18k per ETH. Unit bias is a crazy drug.

#Bitcoin transaction fees are coming back down.

They're not quite @_k3tan level, but close!

Watch on @mempool

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On 1st May there was an issue affecting PIN authentication on #BlockstreamJade. As of Sunday evening, this issue has now been resolved. This was a server issue and no upgrades are necessary.

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dispatch tomorrow with @adam3us and @wiz @ 2100 UTC / 5PM EDT - topics will include bisq, liquid, and bitcoin privacy

join us live or catch it after: - @citadeldispatch

bitcoin core code mirrors 

my personal bitcoin git repository—which mirrors upstream branches+tags of a few projects—is available through a TorV3 service on nxshomzlgqmwfwhcnyvbznyrybh3go
(instructions for cloning are on the website)

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