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To put it quite simply, the problems with the world today that is clearly the solution to are so blatantly obvious that if you haven't done your homework and bought some bitcoin, I don’t have the time to try to convince you, sorry.

They are going pump your assets by debases currency and then tax your unrealized gains… wtf

Another #AndroidAppRain at @fdroidorg today, with 41 updates and 2 new apps:

* PeerTube Live: stream your cam live to PeerTube!
* WordBook: a dictionary for linguists

Coming today to IzzyOnDroid:

* Sotification: show today's screen-on-time in the notification area

Enjoy your #android #foss #apps with #fdroid :awesome:

The Google Play services integration works great on @GrapheneOS. I can run a separate profile and use apps that require Google Play. The open source apps from @fdroidorg do most of what I need but for the handful of apps that require Google Play it is great that there is a fallback.

I have a VM running c-lightning fail and had to restore from backup. Is there any way that I can accept the channel state from the peer to get the channel back online? I know my node has an outdated channel state.

This was quite popular over there. If I get banned for it on Twitter... fine it's about time.

@btcbraj Sounds not worth the effort. My ~45k followers would still have to find the new account, and likely it'd just get re-banned anyway...

If people are going to find a new account, might as well make that be this Mastodon account and get it over with?

Guess it's time to renew the push for Mastodon.

Apparently a hypothetical self-defense is a permanent ban from Twitter.

Those coins can never be recovered, and the total circulation is less. Since the effective circulation is reduced, all the remaining coins are worth slightly more. It's the opposite of when a government prints money and the value of existing money goes down.

@lukedashjr sorry about the absurd twitter ban.

Will we be seeing you over here more?

This is why #Bitcoin held in self-custody is superior to any asset or money that needs intermediaries.
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❗BREAKING: Lebanon: Desperate citizens are trying to break into locked banks, after it was announced that they would no longer receive their savings, which were frozen by the regime there 🇱🇧

- TRT World News

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This server was setup as a means to decentralize the Bitcoin social networking community in a small way. I came from The administrator there felt that the users should create their own Mastodon instances to keep the community decentralized so I created this instance.