Well, I migrated off to my own self hosted Mastodon instance. 179 of 183 followers migrated over and when I imported my following list I am now following 216 of 221.

I setup the instance on a cheap VPS running Arch Linux, by installing from source via the official Mastodon guide. I would say setting up the server was intermediate difficulty. If you regularly setup Linux applications you'll be okay. If not I would recommend getting a pre-built instance.

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The Mastodon software itself is really nice once you have it running. It is very fully featured and will take me some time to inspect all of the options.

Thank you to @nvk for hosting the giant Bitcoin Mastodon instance and getting me started down this road. I hope that our brothers and sisters still stuck on censorship promoting proprietary platforms will continue to migrate to open platforms like Mastodon.

So I had to learn the hard way. 🤦

A 1GB RAM VPS with spinning rust hard drives and also running a small LND instance is not a good place to host a Mastodon instance even if it's just for yourself. Performance became unbearable. I'm a patient man but when my LND started crashing and Mastodon would continually error I had to do something

I migrated my instance to a new VPS (cheap and performant). I was able to perform the migration via the official documentation (not bad)

Runs much better now!

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This server was setup as a means to decentralize the Bitcoin social networking community in a small way. I came from The administrator there felt that the users should create their own Mastodon instances to keep the community decentralized so I created this instance.