Anyone have any experience with these IRA products where you hodl your own keys? Lately I've been feeling less comfortable with the counterparty risk of the $GBTC I hodl in my IRA.

@lizard I did this with real estate, self directed, there was no "product", if self directed is an option with bitcoin I would investigate that route. It was reasonable simple, set up an LLC and hold assets there and the IRA holds one asset, the LLC.

@lizard Yes, it’s a real pain, but I still think it’s worth it. The main issue I had was dealing with all the moving parts (trust companies, banks, exchanges, etc.). None of them talk to each other. After they sell you the IRA, there’s nobody to be your advocate so you have to constantly push the process along yourself. Expect lots of paperwork. It took over a month to get mine set up.


Did you use a company to get the LLC setup? If you had a decent experience would you mind sharing the company name?

Do you know if I could invest my and my wife's IRA funds in the same LLC or would I have to set up multiple?

Sorry for all the legal questions!

@lizard I used a trust instead of an LLC. The company I used is Madison Trust:

You should be able to use your wife's funds as long as you put her on all the paperwork for the LLC or trust.

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