It is time. My computer is older than because I've been stacking but I need to build a new one.

I haven't paid much attention to the Linux hardware landscape lately but as I understand it the open source AMD GPU drivers are the way to go for a Linux only system that I'll use for light gaming and Bitcoin stuff. For a mid range (see $500 these days) GPU I was thinking I'd target the AMD RX 6700 when they come out.

Anyone have any thoughts in general on a new Linux only build?

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@lizard no idea about specific cards, but yes—an AMD GPU is definitely the way to go for a Linux computer

apart from that it's usually a good idea to search for every component and see what people's experiences are using it with Linux, preferably out of the box without having to compile your own drivers

generally PC hardware support is not much of a problem nowadays but there can be exceptions w/ high-end / fancy gamer led / very recent hw


I've been running LInux for a long time and it seems these days you don't have too much worry about hardware support. The Kernel has amazing driver support.

I'm thinking about going AMD for CPU also so I will have to be a bit more careful with the motherboard since I will lose out on the Intel NIC which has sure fire kernel support.

@lizard I just made the switch from Windows to Linux Mint on an older laptop that was dying from bloat. My first Linux experience. Would definitely recommend

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