I'm not going to claim that Tether is fully backed, no one except Tether knows the truth. However the insinuation of Tether truthers that 32 billion of Tether is holding up and its 1T value when we know corporations are buying billions worth is laughable.

Lots of cope

@lizard The salt pile is huge on the non-coiner side. They still don't grasp how early it still is.


Correct, it is not to late for them!

They would rather make excuses instead of improving their situation.

@lizard My favorite was the excuse I was given yesterday. Told this guy about Bitcoin much much lower than it is currently. I suggested that he's still early if he wanted to get in. He then states "its ok, I have my stocks" 🤦🏻‍♂️. Felt like asking him if he's at least getting 15% per year just to break even but I let it go. Some are hopeless.

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