While Elon is making a jackass of himself I'm enjoying the empty mempool and opening some lightning channels!

This is a positive development. I'm hoping he's gone for good but if not it's becoming apparent to everyone that he is irrelevant and he has no power over .

@lizard I fat-fingered a ~2 sat/vbyte channel opening last week. Gotta love an empty mempool, it actually confirmed just a couple days later! 😅

(I understand fee-rates well, but was picturing what someone who doesn't might think in that situation. Pretty bad UX... can't even RBF, etc a channel opening! Kinda just shit outta luck to wait for it to confirm, or eventually drop)


Yeah, not a good UX at all!

LND claims to support RBF and CPFP but I have not personally used them before with LND.

I've always been worried about a stuck transaction. I believe that theoretically they are supposed to fall out of the mempool after 2 weeks but I wonder if that really happens.

@lizard @htimsxela I think LND only supports RBF and CPFP for regular onchain payments. You can't RBF a channel open because that changes its txid, which is used in the presigned refund transaction needed in case your channel counterparty becomes non-cooperative before you handle even a single LN payment. You can't CPFP a channel open without your channel counterparty since a channel open is a deposit into a 2-of-2 address.

@harding @lizard yea, exactly that.

Though I suppose a channel opening could be RBF’d, if the lightning wallets both had it implemented. I can’t see why that wouldn’t work, technically speaking?

@htimsxela @lizard sure that would work. You could even presign a set of fee bumps to broadcast later if necessary.

@lizard @htimsxela I’ve had a channel open get stuck and not confirm. The on chain transaction was purged from the mempool for too low a fee. The wallet kept the transaction beyond two weeks. After a month I cleared it with a double spend from another wallet. The channel open tx on the Lightning side is still stuck as opening 4 months later. It can be cleared using an abandon channel command but directions to do so are non existent so I haven’t cleared it.

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