Does anyone run a Synapse @matrix server for personal messaging use like with family members? I'm looking for something that I can run on a moderately powered VPS that has decent clients from the Apple App Store and on F-Droid (notifications without Google Services required).

I've longed to get away from proprietary solutions like iMessage and host my own. I was hoping that Sphinx Chat was going to be the answer but I don't find it to be reliable enough at this time. Maybe some day...

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@bimmer @lizard @matrix does start9 embassy do this? I have pending order with them. If it doesn’t I’ll have to adjust expectations but probably will still keep it.


Sadly I have a fiat job and pay fiat taxes that are misappropriated by corrupt politicians who use my tax dollars to fund wars and enrich their family members and corporate overlords.

Hopefully someday I can leave my fiat life behind and work on to enact positive change for the world. What @JackMallers is doing for El Salvador is amazing.

I find it amazing that proponents of the fiat world, which steals people's wealth and commits daily atrocities, think Bitcoin is bad. 🤣 😂 🤣

@lizard @matrix

Yes I do, feel free to message me and I can help you set up... I'm working on adding it to my guides. ..


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