Lightning experts:

Is there a way to backup lightning channel state changes to protect against fund lose in the case of hardware failure?

I currently use this script but it only backups up the channel state when a channel opens or closes:

There doesn't appear to be a way to backup the channel state short of stopping and restarting the LND service. If my node is highly active and fails, I would have a lot of out of date channel states when trying to recover funds.

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@lizard From the btcpay documentation lnd supports seed-based backup and I remember reading somewhere for the other (eclair, c-lightning) the recommended way is to run it on a redundant, mirrored database.


It appears LND has introduced a "clustered mode" that should at least protect against a hardware failure and having to recover all channel funds on chain:


As you mention with c-lightning, they seem to have a very robust method for protecting your in channel funds following a hardware failure, the PostgreSQL DB clustering:

This is a really good document and explains how doing a static DB backup is not a great backup strategy and will very likely lead to loss of funds in the case of a hardware failure.

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