New blog post out! This post is a story about how my Raspberry Pi LND node blew up and my sloppy backup practices lead to potential :bitcoin: loss. In addition to my words of warning, I also talk about my experience with the recovery process.

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If this post saves even one node operator from funds loss it will have all been worth it!

@lizard No more LND on a Raspberry Pi for me. Too hard for the little cpu to handle and too many channels going offline for no reason.


Do you run one of the what I call "Node in a box" implementations like Umbrel? I believe those are Tor only so that might be the reason the connection is unreliable. Tor has been under a DoS attack for like a month now.

In general though, if you are going to have more than a channel or 2 I would recommend going with an old desktop or something. Having RAID 1 is a huge plus otherwise if your hard drive dies and you have to recover all channels will be closed. 😔

@lizard Yep! That was Umbrel. Umbrel is ok for a Bitcoin node to connect to. One of my projects to do: A node from an old PC. I need time to learn Linux better. Having channels to do routing is something serious. Raspberry Pi, is not strong enough. I keep digging the rabbit hole!!!


You can run :bitcoin: Core on Windows but most other Bitcoin software will only run on Linux. Linux knowledge is a huge plus when it comes to running Bitcoin related software.

Ubuntu is probably the easiest to get started with when running . Reach out if you have any specific questions and good luck!

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