New blog post out! This post is a story about how my Raspberry Pi LND node blew up and my sloppy backup practices lead to potential :bitcoin: loss. In addition to my words of warning, I also talk about my experience with the recovery process.

First they came for the shitcoins, and I did not speak out—because I was not a shitcoiner.

Then they came for Ethereum, and I did not speak out—because I was not an Etherian.

Then they came for Bitcoin—and the network continued to operate because :bitcoin: is decentralized.

Attacks like this don't hurt Bitcoin. If anything these attacks help Bitcoin by getting more people to realize that they shouldn't mess with these insecure VC pump and dumps and should instead hold their wealth in the hardest money every created.

I stacked :bitcoin: today. It was a humble stack but a stack none the less. How could I not at this bargain price?!

Those of us that understand what we own hold our keys and can handle the volatility.

Those that haven't taken the time to learn about what they own are the ones using these rehypothecation services and are learning some hard lessons.


Credentialed economists preach that stonks are a great investment because "The S&P 500 has NEVER suffered a loss over a 20-year period."

Why then do they only consider :bitcoin: returns from the previous all time high?


New blog post out. This is a guide on compiling Bitcoin Core from source on a Raspberry Pi (and should work on Debian based x86 systems as well):


I've had the itch to do some writing about :bitcoin: stuff for a while so I've launched this blog with a modest single post! You've got to start somewhere I guess! I hope someone reads it but if not it'll be a useful resource for me:

When you've really done you homework on and you really understand what you own, you understand that Bitcoin is inevitable and the price will eventually take care of itself.

Great work @btcsessions. This is amazing. It is so gratifying to watch the sats rolling in (mostly on lightning) for such an important cause.

I'm so proud of my fellow plebs. is unstoppable money.

If $SOL is decentralized who is paying to promote it? I'd be highly skeptical of anything claiming to be decentralized that seems to have a marketing budget.

needs no marketing budget.

Jack Dorsey is a good one who only seems to care about the mission. He is setting up a legal defense fund for Bitcoin developers:

Slush Pool has been absolute 🔥!

Pleb miners unite! 100 Th/s in every home!


The great thing about mining Bitcoin is that I'm BTFD all the time. 😀

The bad thing about mining Bitcoin is that I'm BTFD all the time and don't have any fiat left to BTFD even more because I've got to pay the electric bill. 🙁

For what it's worth I think this is another March 2020 moment and stonks are going to get crushed on Monday.

I think a lot of us expected to get smoked initially when shit hits fan. The next step is that Bitcoin will be the phoenix rising from the ashes.

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Slush Pool with 4 blocks in the last hour! Plebs unite with Slush. LFG!



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