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@Bisq is a fantastic project and I recommend everyone at least get familiar with it and make a couple trades. Governments may attempt to cut off traditional KYC on ramps and at the very least Bisq can be a backup plan. In reality everyone should be trying to find ways to source non-KYC and Bisq is the easiest way for most people.

Get the coins before the suits do...
RT @BTCtreasuries
-Mode Global Holdings LON:MODE 85 BTC
-Ninepoint Bitcoin Trust TSX:BITC.U 5,478 BTC

-Grayscale Bitcoin Trust $GBTC 616K => 649K BTC
-MicroStrategy inc. $MSTR 70K => 71K BTC

Total 1,233,246 BTC (5.87%)
Value $42,798,693,310
src by @nvk

Israel's covid cases and deaths are just beginning to decline a bit, after vaccinating 54% of the population (30% two weeks ago), and after having been in strict lockdown since _September_. Israeli flu season usually peaks between December and February, and weather right now is perfect for fighting flu.

Meanwhile, Sweden's cases and deaths have been falling since late December, having had hardly any lockdown (or even voluntary measures) the whole time, and Sweden is freezing and dark right now.

My Parents are haters 😔

About a month ago, I finally attempted to give them the full orange pill. They've known I was into Bitcoin but I never tried to push them to invest (for their well being). They couldn't wrap their brain around virtual things having value and they still believe in the legacy financials system.

Today they told me I should sell. My Mom told me I couldn't go into a grocery store and buy anything.

I'm expecting that there will be more 2013 FUD incoming 🤦

@Blockstream @Bisq

The only thing I haven't confirmed is if I can receive an inbound connection and having that happen organically could take a while. Is there anyone running 0.21.0 (not sure you have to be on 0.21.0) that can force a connection to my node?


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I just up upgraded bitcoind to 0.21.0. I run via tor only and the transition from v2 to v3 addresses was seamless.

Does anyone know if @Blockstream Green Wallet supports v3 tor addresses? It seems not to be working. I am able to connect @Bisq to my node after upgrade so I know bloomfilters are still working.

The Raspberry Pi with USB SSD has been a good node for a long time but I think it will soon be time to run something a little beefier. I'm not seeing any performance problems but as I keep adding services I believe I'm nearing the point where I will see issues.

Bitcoin hodlers have another instance to join here.

Boost / repost this to reach more potential users and keep the fediverse distributed.

This instance is Pleroma with Soapbox. The web UI is pleasant and has a great one on one messenger that you won’t find on Mastodon. You can also use apps compatible with Mastodon and Pleroma.

Onion service available: 4jqv7gntqtwjqijamez7ikrioy7sezgeghr4idjtvhnwvn4ehdxryxad.onion

Statist - "We need more government regulation to fix our broken government regulations."

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

Historical #BTC prices for Jan 30th

2021 - $34285
2020 - $9375
2019 - $3426
2018 - $10360
2017 - $920
2016 - $377
2015 - $227
2014 - $802
2013 - $19
2012 - $5
2011 - $0.46

I'm getting the feeling @RobinhoodApp is selling "paper " and not actually acquiring the underlying asset. Why anyone would use them to but Bitcoin is beyond me.

Does anyone know which exchanges cheated today with $GME? I know Robinhood and TD Ameritrade at a minimum.

Buy . Don't keep it on an exchange. Be self sovereign. Don't get screwed by Wall Street fat cats.

In 2020, we saw a 23% increase in cryptocurrency donations! It's clear the cryptocurrency community cares deeply about privacy. Thank you.

Collected a few Bitcoin Video Tutorials here

Shill your favorites bellow to be added.

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This server was setup as a means to decentralize the Bitcoin social networking community in a small way. I came from The administrator there felt that the users should create their own Mastodon instances to keep the community decentralized so I created this instance.