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This is the first time we have heard about financial persecution for defending internet freedom in the Tor community. We're very concerned about PayPal's lack of transparency, and we urge them to reinstate this user’s account.

It's time to reframe the bitcoin energy debate. Keep an eye out for upcoming episode with @AlexEpstein

Anyone else see the pipeline hack and now the meat processing company hack and start to think it's time to go full prepper?

I'm thinking a propane generator, some space heaters, and a lot of non-perishable foods. Not enough to keep me going if the shit really hits the fan but enough to keep like my house from being destroyed if the next hack is an energy supplier (which seems inevitable).

Organizations like the WEF and central banks like the FED will have you work until the day you die if they get their way. You'll own nothing and the global elites will enjoy the fruits of your labor. Opt out of their system, be self sovereign, and use .

If PayPal withdrawals actually come to pass I think it's absolutely huge. This is a legacy establishment that is properly supporting ( besides KYC of course). It feels like the turning of the tides and a huge win for self custody.

I will say that I love the @BTCPayServer PayJoin implementation that is supported by a number of wallets. I know Samourai has their own PayJoin implementation but it would be cool if they supported the Btcpay implantation as well.

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I don't agree with everything the Samourai team has to say, but if I'm looking for tools that provide real privacy Samourai is #1 and there is no #2. Also the team continues to rapidly improve their products.

If #bitcoin were at $320,883 per coin, the US government would need all of them to cover this years budget proposal. 🤡

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Global Central Banks and their continued debasement into infinity. Look at Europe (ECB) go!

The whole "origins of covid" debate was a big redpill for me.

Do I *know* the origins of covid? No. But I saw in February of 2020 significant evidence from people smarter than me about the lab theory. I saw published papers disappeared from the internet. I saw medical professionals banned from twitter. I saw paid CCP shills on reddit (including moderators). I saw hastily written articles by "administrator" type scientists from NGOs with no scientific analysis and cursory reasoning.

Then, one year later, oops. Actually we should investigate.

Will the people who pulled papers apologies to the people who wrote them? Will twitter issue a mea culpa for banning people? Will the journalists that called other journalists conspiracy theorists promise to do more reasoned investigations in the future and focus on facts rather than pushing narratives?

No, none of that will happen.

While I can't conclusively tell anyone one way or another about the origins of covid, I can say that the system is broken. Dispassionately pursuing truth has been replaced with pushing narratives, character assassination and censorship. If you spend most of your time on big tech platforms, and read only "approved" media, you are just allowing yourself to have other people, with their own ideological motivations, shape your reality. I can't / won't do that.

I'm mostly trying to get increasingly comfortable with the idea that I don't know. Maybe what person A said is true. Maybe its person B. More likely some mix of the two. Hopefully time will tell. Less likely, but possible, that the people that tried to twist the truth will win the narrative war, and everyone will move onto the next battle. It is what it is. I'll be here building my house on rock and and raising the next generation, and the world will burn as it is wont to do.

Many new Bitcoiners overestimate their risk tolerance and ability to withstand a large drop in fiat portfolio value.

You only know once you've been tested and HODLed through it.

I recommend taking a screenshot of the 2fa private key when you are creating them and storing them on an encrypted volume. Then if your phone blows up it's trivial to re-add them.

Of course I do this now because I had a phone blow up 🤣😂🤣

How much exposure does average dev or coiner has to bitcoin?

Some there lives savings.

If #bitcoin fails, they screwed.

Billionaires laugh at that, they can play u on both sides, while never *loose* a thing, maybe a bit ego,
But there kids will still go to elite high school and they will not sleep in the streets.

What we need fast is a community pool non profit miner integrated in core of last resort we can spawn up at demand, and yield all our GPU or ASICS on click to, if censorship starts.

I believe we are in early hyperinflation.

I was talking to a small business owner last night. He owns a landscaping company, pavers and such. They are charging double what they charged last year and he is booked until October.
This is the new normal and will only accelerate.

This "Elon Crash" was really needed. Shitcoins were reaching more ridiculous valuations than usual and there was too much leverage in

If Bitcoin can't handle a sociopath billionaire's shitposts there were more weak hands that needed to be cycled out for true hodlers.

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This server was setup as a means to decentralize the Bitcoin social networking community in a small way. I came from The administrator there felt that the users should create their own Mastodon instances to keep the community decentralized so I created this instance.