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Credentialed economists preach that stonks are a great investment because "The S&P 500 has NEVER suffered a loss over a 20-year period."

Why then do they only consider :bitcoin: returns from the previous all time high?


New blog post out. This is a guide on compiling Bitcoin Core from source on a Raspberry Pi (and should work on Debian based x86 systems as well):


You do you if you want to kowtow to idiotic statist technocrats, but I will not use their language.

I will call things by what they are: it was/is a massive scam, that robbed billions of people of their rights.

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#Bitcoin being used P2P on the TV show Almost Human in 2013.

“Listen, do you got a Bitcoin stick?”

Elizabeth Warren is controlled opposition. She works for the banks and the legacy financial system and pretends to be tough on them. Has she ever done anything besides just grand standing?

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100 #Bitcoin gold bar bought for cash 9 years ago.

A $12,000 risk, a $3.8 million reward✨

R/T @PrestonPysh

Bitcoin is an impenetrable moat of encrypted energy to defensively protect your hard-earned buying power from thieves.

It does not attack - it defends what you have already given: your energy and time.

Oof, Twitter to become a shitcoin paradise with the Dogefather at the helm and others lining up to dump their shitcoins on retail.

The @elonmusk Effect

A big spike in new users on Mastodon following the confirmation of Musk's purchase of Twitter.

They'll be back on Twitter in no time!

"...coming up with some way of shoving [CTV] into Bitcoin at this stage is insulting, myopic, short-sighted. Worse, it sets incredibly poor precedent for how we think about changes...and maintaining Bitcoin's culture of security and careful design." - @TheBlueMatt 💪

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Alpine Refuge, Located at 2760 meters in Monte Cristallo, Italy.

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This server was setup as a means to decentralize the Bitcoin social networking community in a small way. I came from The administrator there felt that the users should create their own Mastodon instances to keep the community decentralized so I created this instance.